dressing table

bottle and jewellery dish - gifted from dotcomgiftshop

Just a snapshot of what my dressing table looks like, my collection of magazines is definitely reaching Hoarders levels (I have way more than I could fit in a photo!)
I recently received this perfume bottle and bowl-stand-thingy that I've been using as a jewellery dish, I wanted one for a while so it was sweet of dotcomgiftshop to give me one, they have such lovely things! Definitely go have a look, the delivery is like lightning fast as well!
I'm quite obsessed with dressing tables at the moment, mine and other people's. I just think they're so pretty.



this year's love

christian lacroix notebook, vintage sunglasses, miss dior cherie, topshop makeup, ballet flats.

A few of my choice possessions of the moment. I'm such a sucker for pretty and over-priced stationary, I can't help but buy it in spades. When I have my own house it'll consist solely of clothes, stationary, and used cake cups. 




jumper - disgraceland vintage, jeans - topshop, shoes - gift

I bought this jumper this week from a new vintage shop that's opened, small shops are the best shops.
Quite a few of my clothes are too big all of a sudden, I blame the gym. LET'S BUY MORE