fringed dress -c/o poppylux.com

I received this amazing dress from Poppy Lux and it arrived just in time for this whole Christmas/New Year period which usually just stresses me out clotheswise.This dress is the nicest thing though, normally I'm not one for body con but I saw this on the site and like the neckline and fringed part are such cool touches, I'm a sucker for anything and everything black and fringed. Best early Christmas present ever... hugely recommend checking out poppylux.com

oh and HAPPY CHRISTMAS! have a good 'un



xmas inspo

I'm not feeling the slightest bit Christmassy but I am feeling furs and a LOT of black. That sort of gothy/witchy/school girl vibe with a big furry coat over the top is my favourite thing. The last picture pretty much sums it up really.




jumper c/o persunmall, leather shorts - vintage

This jumper is a dead ringer for the Wildfox Prairie Rose one, which I love so so much, only so much cheaper! Am very very happy about that.



blue velvet

top c/o oasap.com, velvet skirt c/o oasap.com, fur coat - vintage

Definitely the most wonderful time of the year. Received this sweet velvet skirt from oasap, which brings my total amount of velvet clothing to nine. Room for plenty more, I swear blue velvet is the most gorgeous thing ever ever created. 




stripe top - c/o choies.com, dungarees - primark (shock)

Received this stripey lil top from choies.com this week, they actually have some really cool things so check them out! Got it just in time to wear it to see Arctic Monkeys in Newcastle, which was the joint best night of my life (along with the first time I saw them two years ago) 
They were beyond insane and amazing, am suffering from serious post gig depression now



i wanna be yours

coat - h&m, skirt - topshop

October is going to be a good good month for me, not least because I'm seeing Arctic Monkeys in just over two weeks. SO. EXCITED.



cut out

cut out jumper - c/o persunmall.com, leather shorts - vintage, bag - h&m

This lil jumper from the lovely Persunmall is a godsend for this week, I think college has turned me into the laziest dresser ever, like I'm running out of wardrobe space at a dangerous speed but all I wanna wear is leggings and joggers. Still holding out for fur coat weather, getting my furs out is for sure the highlight of my year



wishlist #2

Untitled #18

clutch - Maiyet Ayla. everything else - Topshop

Seriously obsessed with clean whites and silvers and metallics and anything cold and shiny looking in general. The Ice Queen from those Narnia films is my new favourite person

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I spend a hella lot more time and money on makeup than I do clothes these days, but I purchased this H&M coat yesterday, which was perhaps the warmest day I have ever experienced in skinny jeans - unpleasant to say the least, but completely worth it. I don't know why I buy all my winter coats on really really warm days (this is the fourth time in one year)
Lame attempt at redecorating/organising/generally sorting my life/room/lifestyle habits out, which means I bought a book, slightly more grown up jewellery and three cactuses (cacti?)
It is a start.



cold weather and the crack

Red Sweater - oasap, trousers - river island, bag - urban outfitters, boots - h&m
 Denim Overalls - oasap,

Received this red jumper and dungarees in a lovely package from Oasap, they're really the best when it comes to variety and winter clothing! I'm totally broke and pretty busy at the moment, and college is a pain, however being able to wear jumpers all the time is keeping me bizarrely upbeat. 

Plus in Newcastle today a girl who worked in Urban Outfitters said she'd seen me in a magazine and lo and behold, here I am. Pretty strange to see! (they got my age wrong by 2 years though!)



one for the road

top - new look (kid's section!), skirt - self made

Dressing girly and neat for once, which is rare for me! Made this skirt years ago and have never worn it, partly because it's really badly made (I still can't cut things in straight lines) but it was fittingly dressy for the occasion. 
Just finished my first week of college and it sucks, I was really only psyched to not have a uniform any more but that novelty wore off after about two hours. I'm still counting down the days/hours/minutes until fur coat weather though!



best of friends

fur coat - topshop, fringed bralet - topshop, leather shorts - vintage, bag - urban outfitters

AUTUMN IS HERE which is the best news for me, cause I can finally start wearing the other 90% of wardrobe again, which is just black and/or furry. 
This coat is my new favourite thing, I think I bought it on like the hottest day of last month, really appropriate



don't save me

 1. denim jacket - vintage/DIY, jumper - vintage, shorts - gifted by persunmall, boots - h&m

2. smoothie date at Filmore & Union in York, such a sweet place

Also received the cutest package from Persunmall.com with these patterned runner shorts and a grey chiffon-y cami, check them out here!



heart shaped

white heart shaped sunglasses and dungarees - c/o oasap.com,  red sunglasses - ebay, top - new look, dr martens

These dungarees are probably the best things I have ever received! I've wanted a full length pair for so long and these ones from oasap are literally perfect, definitely definitely check them out here
Heart shaped sunglasses are my obsession, I'm going to get a pair in every colour; they make me think of milkshake dates and swing dresses and this Clem Creevy song




top - topshop, skort - gifted by persunmall.com, shoes - h&m

I'm yet to find someone that doesn't own/want this infamous Zara skort at the moment, so I was psyched to receive this black one from Persunmall this week! This is what I wore for a party last night - this skort kinda saved my life as I had 0 clothes, £0 and very little time to get an outfit; so check Persunmall out, they are wonderful indeed, you can find the skort here: http://www.persunmall.com/p/vintage-style-chiffon-shorts-p-13976.html




dress - gifted c/o vitovenice, kimono - crafted

Received this dress from which was so sweet and adds to my increasingly black wardrobe perfectly, so check them out! I don't know if it's cool or obnoxious to wear jackets as capes but I think it's become a habit for me now.
My hair is flat as hell right now, I'm so tempted to Alexa Chung it all off but I don't think I'm brave enough, one day though



my bags are packed

Untitled #17
kimono - topshop
trousers - isabel marant
shoes - persunmall
sunglasses - topshop
headband - topshop
jumper - wildfox
bag - persunmall

I'm not going on holiday this summer, although I wish I was. I guess this would be the inside contents of the my dream suitcase, especially the persunmall bag and wildfox jumper. I was in Leeds today and finally got a chance to go the Wildfox store, holy shit I have never seen more overpriced but lustworthy jersey although to be honest I think I prefer their instagram and amazing lookbooks to their actual clothing.




I got really bored of my old blog name and layout and stuff so I've decided to change it all up, which is probably going to be be pretty complicated, but yeah it's still my same blog (dozen dresses) just all shiny and new. And I'm going to start bloggin regularly again cause I've missed it but I really couldn't stand what my blog was like before,



mind's eye

 Freak of Nature bodysuit - c/o yayer.com, kimono and shorts - h&m, boots - office, floral headband - self made (pretty proud)

I received this rad little bodysuit from the gorgeous people at Yayer, it's the coolest thing and Yayer genuinely is one of my favourite favourite online stores so check em out

I kinda have a huge crush on the Freak of Nature brand, I stumbled across their clothing on Asos a few months ago and the prints are sick!



A couple of photos from I shoot I modelled for (photographed by Erika Bowes, Lovechild tee by Pretty Sickly)
There's more but I'll post them when my internet stops being so damn slow. 

Have a rad week, I'm spending mine eating Chinese food and watching the Great Gatsby

ps. follow me on instagram: soniamansouri 



she changes the weather

top and skirt and bag - h&m

What I wore on the last day in Barcelona, miss it loads already. Reason #67346782374 that I want to live there is that it makes for way better outfit photos too.
Been really busy since I got back, but I literally don't even know what with. Procrastination probably. I should probably stop watching Cheaters in bed all day and get something done, but then again...