dress - gifted c/o vitovenice, kimono - crafted

Received this dress from which was so sweet and adds to my increasingly black wardrobe perfectly, so check them out! I don't know if it's cool or obnoxious to wear jackets as capes but I think it's become a habit for me now.
My hair is flat as hell right now, I'm so tempted to Alexa Chung it all off but I don't think I'm brave enough, one day though



my bags are packed

Untitled #17
kimono - topshop
trousers - isabel marant
shoes - persunmall
sunglasses - topshop
headband - topshop
jumper - wildfox
bag - persunmall

I'm not going on holiday this summer, although I wish I was. I guess this would be the inside contents of the my dream suitcase, especially the persunmall bag and wildfox jumper. I was in Leeds today and finally got a chance to go the Wildfox store, holy shit I have never seen more overpriced but lustworthy jersey although to be honest I think I prefer their instagram and amazing lookbooks to their actual clothing.




I got really bored of my old blog name and layout and stuff so I've decided to change it all up, which is probably going to be be pretty complicated, but yeah it's still my same blog (dozen dresses) just all shiny and new. And I'm going to start bloggin regularly again cause I've missed it but I really couldn't stand what my blog was like before,