midnight city

 Found these photos on my camera. Can't remember when or where I took them, but I love cities at night, everything looks so magical and different. I've been listening to Midnight City by M83, which seems fitting.



sweet disposition

what I wore: fringed waistcoat - topshop sale, tie dye vest - h&m, denim shorts - vintage, sunglasses - primark, bag - vintage


the lost art of keeping secrets

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I read this book called The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets recently, it was actually my favourite read ever. Kind of inspired this whole pretty, floral thing.

Haven't really done/bought/made anythings lately, but I did just get TICKETS TO THE ARCTIC MONKEYS, so excited!


strawberry swing

jacket - h&m, shorts - h&m (lace was DIYed)

These are my finished lace/floral shorts! I made them for Paris, although they don't really look like shorts at all, more like a skirt. Very excited for Paris, best birthday present ever