good hair days


I'm not afraid to admit that I am USELESS with hair. My hairdressing skills begin and end with frantically curling it (with straighteners) and panicking as the ends begin to sizzle (smoke coming off your hair... normal right?) Unsurprisingly then, my hair is getting thin and uneven looking.
So when I was offered hair extensions by Hairtrade, I jumped at the chance, even though: a) I have pretty long hair already, and b) I can barely put my hair in a bun, let alone clip in other long extensiony bits.
But I thought it would be fun to try, and it turns out I really really really like them - they're so easy to use, even for an idiot like me, they match my weird almost-black-but-not-quite hair colour PERFECTLY and they're so soft and shiny looking (they're real human hair), and make my hair look longer and neater. 10/10.