dress c/o Fashion Union

There's an unholy amount of green in these photos I know, I guess I'm having a late St. Patricks day or something. I'm not normally one for green, in fact I think I don't even own more than 5 green items of clothing. I really love this dress though - anything swingy and chiffony is perfect to me. 
Also I'm going to China next week, for a fortnight! So so so excited, prepared to take about 100000 photos whilst I'm there! 



red brick

 coat - mango, dress c/o Poppylux, shoes - new look

Purely coincidental that my shoes and makeup matched this lil' wall! This dress is from Poppylux and is unusual in that it is one of the very very few patterned dresses that I own - patterns are somewhat a rarity for me. It's not that I dislike them, it's just hard to find ones that suit me and don't blind myself and everyone that walks past me, but this one's a winner.



march obsessions

1. This long (calf length!) black kimono is possibly the best thing I've bought this year - £6!!!! God I love H&M, it is quite literally a treasure trove.

2. I can't even count the amount of cocktails I've bought this past week. Too many. But pink mojitos cannot be beaten.

3. This coat is the single most amazing piece of clothing ever, I can't decide if I want to wear it or hang it on my wall and gaze at it all day.

4. Flume's album is the soundtrack to my life at the moment, plus every single Flume remix is rad (their remix of Disclosure's You & Me especially)

This month seems to be wonderful so far, like everything is really going my way and people are being almost suspiciously nice, I love it. Plus I've got a job interview tomorrow so FINGERS CROSSED