dress - c/o Chi Chi clothing,

Some clothes look so much better on the hanger, and leave me disappointed and frustrated within five seconds of trying them. This dress is not one of those. It is instead the type that in flat, folded up, or even photograph form doesn't do justice to just how pretty, princessy and amazingly comfortable it is (elasticated backs are truly a gift from heaven.)
As the least graceful/balanced person ever, I am endlessly stepping on and tripping over long skirts/dresses/anything, but the lovely feeling you get when walking around in something maxi  is worth the potential cuts, bruises and rips. 




floral playsuit - c/o fashion union

There's something about teddy-style playsuits which is just so adorable, this one was a gift from Fashion Union which I am rather in love with, I feel like it sort of matches my hair/room well! I'd never heard of Fashion Union prior to receiving this but gosh some of the clothes are lovely, there's one long tartan jacket in particular which I am going to save up for. Am a big fan of long, slim fitting jackets at the moment, as well as slip dresses and silky, underwear-looking playsuits and shorts.