tango in the night


On a massive Fleetwood Mac kick this week, which isn't an unusual thing, however the arrival of this dress into my life has made swaying around to Stevie's dulcet tones feel more than magical. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for all that is black, sheer and vaguely witch-like, and this dress has those qualities in spades. I don't think any dress could be more perfect, could it?



good hair days


I'm not afraid to admit that I am USELESS with hair. My hairdressing skills begin and end with frantically curling it (with straighteners) and panicking as the ends begin to sizzle (smoke coming off your hair... normal right?) Unsurprisingly then, my hair is getting thin and uneven looking.
So when I was offered hair extensions by Hairtrade, I jumped at the chance, even though: a) I have pretty long hair already, and b) I can barely put my hair in a bun, let alone clip in other long extensiony bits.
But I thought it would be fun to try, and it turns out I really really really like them - they're so easy to use, even for an idiot like me, they match my weird almost-black-but-not-quite hair colour PERFECTLY and they're so soft and shiny looking (they're real human hair), and make my hair look longer and neater. 10/10.



inspiration: sheer black

Elie Saab & some images I found on tumblr.

This is why (sheer) black is my favourite colour.



walking on a dream

KIMONO - Kiss The Sky via 9th Willow // PLAYSUIT - UNIF via 9th Willow // SHOES - Desire Clothing (gifted)

You'd think being in the middle of exams and trying to cram a year's worth of work into like three days prior to each exam wouldn't allow much time for new clothes, but evidently this is not the case. 

I bought this UNIF playsuit for my birthday, through some kind of miracle it managed to stay perfectly white after a night out - vodka and lemonade drinkers, you are the best. 

This kimono kind of tortured me as I'd stalked photos of it on the 9th Willow instagram, so much so that in my psychology exam on Tuesday I must have lost a good 5 minutes just thinking about it, so I kind of had to buy it straight after. I feel like some kind of hippie/fairy wearing it, which is probably my favourite feeling in the world. It's designed by the same girl who does Freak of Nature too, so I'm not at all surprised I fell in love with it.

And as for these shoooooes, there isn't much to say except that they are an amazing holographic magical DREAM of shoe, and I kind of can't get over how great they are. HUGE love to Desire Clothing for these.



shanghai photo diary

Spent a dreamy two weeks in Shanghai staying with my family, such a vibrant and exciting city that I've absolutely fallen in love with (the super cheap and amazing food definitely helps!)




dress c/o Fashion Union

There's an unholy amount of green in these photos I know, I guess I'm having a late St. Patricks day or something. I'm not normally one for green, in fact I think I don't even own more than 5 green items of clothing. I really love this dress though - anything swingy and chiffony is perfect to me. 
Also I'm going to China next week, for a fortnight! So so so excited, prepared to take about 100000 photos whilst I'm there! 



red brick

 coat - mango, dress c/o Poppylux, shoes - new look

Purely coincidental that my shoes and makeup matched this lil' wall! This dress is from Poppylux and is unusual in that it is one of the very very few patterned dresses that I own - patterns are somewhat a rarity for me. It's not that I dislike them, it's just hard to find ones that suit me and don't blind myself and everyone that walks past me, but this one's a winner.



march obsessions

1. This long (calf length!) black kimono is possibly the best thing I've bought this year - £6!!!! God I love H&M, it is quite literally a treasure trove.

2. I can't even count the amount of cocktails I've bought this past week. Too many. But pink mojitos cannot be beaten.

3. This coat is the single most amazing piece of clothing ever, I can't decide if I want to wear it or hang it on my wall and gaze at it all day.

4. Flume's album is the soundtrack to my life at the moment, plus every single Flume remix is rad (their remix of Disclosure's You & Me especially)

This month seems to be wonderful so far, like everything is really going my way and people are being almost suspiciously nice, I love it. Plus I've got a job interview tomorrow so FINGERS CROSSED




dress - c/o Chi Chi clothing,

Some clothes look so much better on the hanger, and leave me disappointed and frustrated within five seconds of trying them. This dress is not one of those. It is instead the type that in flat, folded up, or even photograph form doesn't do justice to just how pretty, princessy and amazingly comfortable it is (elasticated backs are truly a gift from heaven.)
As the least graceful/balanced person ever, I am endlessly stepping on and tripping over long skirts/dresses/anything, but the lovely feeling you get when walking around in something maxi  is worth the potential cuts, bruises and rips. 




floral playsuit - c/o fashion union

There's something about teddy-style playsuits which is just so adorable, this one was a gift from Fashion Union which I am rather in love with, I feel like it sort of matches my hair/room well! I'd never heard of Fashion Union prior to receiving this but gosh some of the clothes are lovely, there's one long tartan jacket in particular which I am going to save up for. Am a big fan of long, slim fitting jackets at the moment, as well as slip dresses and silky, underwear-looking playsuits and shorts.



sweet nothings

dress - aztral, hat - label lab, coat - mango, boots - doc martens

Managing to be both cute and gothic at the same time is a feat I truly admire in clothes. This dress (that the sweethearts at aztral.co.uk were kind enough to send me) strikes that balance perfectly, like 90's revival Wednesday Addams. Weirdly I feel happier in black than any other colour, I'm not sure what that says about me.
Anyway for those seeking the cute/gothic/generally cool, you can check out Aztral's store or find em on Facebook, and get 10% off until the 31st Jan with 'TAKETEN%'



leopard print

leopard print coat c/o - oasap, trousers - mango, shoes - topshop

So I've broken all but one of my New Year's Resolutions (evidence above), but on the bright side this is possibly all of my favourite things ever condensed into one outfit: leopard print, black, red lipstick, glitter and tailoring (i.e. constantly trying to channel Alexa Chung.)



new year, no money

1. a fraction of my sale purchases. huge love to Mango for selling the black coat of my dreams for £20. and only having my size. some things are meant to be.

2.  went to Victoria's Secret for the first time and it robbed me blind. never has so little material cost so much money and been so worth it. needless to say the wings are not for sale.

3. as if I didn't obsess over Alexa Chung enough already. although my expectations for the book and the actual book didn't quite match up, it's still wonderful and great and the cover alone makes it worth having.