inspiration: sheer black

Elie Saab & some images I found on tumblr.

This is why (sheer) black is my favourite colour.



walking on a dream

KIMONO - Kiss The Sky via 9th Willow // PLAYSUIT - UNIF via 9th Willow // SHOES - Desire Clothing (gifted)

You'd think being in the middle of exams and trying to cram a year's worth of work into like three days prior to each exam wouldn't allow much time for new clothes, but evidently this is not the case. 

I bought this UNIF playsuit for my birthday, through some kind of miracle it managed to stay perfectly white after a night out - vodka and lemonade drinkers, you are the best. 

This kimono kind of tortured me as I'd stalked photos of it on the 9th Willow instagram, so much so that in my psychology exam on Tuesday I must have lost a good 5 minutes just thinking about it, so I kind of had to buy it straight after. I feel like some kind of hippie/fairy wearing it, which is probably my favourite feeling in the world. It's designed by the same girl who does Freak of Nature too, so I'm not at all surprised I fell in love with it.

And as for these shoooooes, there isn't much to say except that they are an amazing holographic magical DREAM of shoe, and I kind of can't get over how great they are. HUGE love to Desire Clothing for these.