the lost art of keeping secrets

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I read this book called The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets recently, it was actually my favourite read ever. Kind of inspired this whole pretty, floral thing.

Haven't really done/bought/made anythings lately, but I did just get TICKETS TO THE ARCTIC MONKEYS, so excited!


Kate said...

It sounds like a good read! And i'm so jealous about the arctic monkeys tickets! x

Julie said...

Reading...hmm I should get back to it because I entirely understand how its like to be into a book! Like intrigued to the extent where it affects you emotionally. Inspiring images by the way! <3

Temporary:Secretary said...

Divine pictures! So dreamy x

Vanessa said...

these pictures are beautiful! i MUST get my hands on a film camera!

Maria said...

Gorgeous photos, perfect for summer!

Maria xxx

Katie said...

Suuuch pretty pictures, they make me so happy that summer is here - although I'd be even more grateful if the rain decided to leave now! Thanks for sharing, really like your blog :)

ShopeDelano said...

Gorgeous photo's! Just found your blog, and I love it, love the bag in the outfit below!! Jealous of the arctic monkeys tickets!!
Shope xoxo

Vicky said...

wonderful pictures, very inspiring.
have a nice day


rach. said...

what a great blog! love the post! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your opinions on it. :) i'd really appreiciate it. :)

follow me?

Adora Mehitabel said...

I love paris. i am going there for my birthday.

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