my bags are packed

Untitled #17
kimono - topshop
trousers - isabel marant
shoes - persunmall
sunglasses - topshop
headband - topshop
jumper - wildfox
bag - persunmall

I'm not going on holiday this summer, although I wish I was. I guess this would be the inside contents of the my dream suitcase, especially the persunmall bag and wildfox jumper. I was in Leeds today and finally got a chance to go the Wildfox store, holy shit I have never seen more overpriced but lustworthy jersey although to be honest I think I prefer their instagram and amazing lookbooks to their actual clothing.



Shakumbhari said...

Wonderful collection of tunics for women ,goggles, footwear..loved it!!

Shradha G Loves said...

That kimono is gorgeous
S xx

Charlotte said...

I love those shoes! and the kimono!
- Charlotte
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Sabhyata - Indian Fashion Boutique said...

Awesome collection at your fashion boutique..loved it!!

Ruchika Thosar said...

Lovely collection...nice high heel shoes !!

Live Bruno said...

Great collection!!!

Eyeline - Eyewear in India said...

Great collection lovely sunglasses for women !!

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