I spend a hella lot more time and money on makeup than I do clothes these days, but I purchased this H&M coat yesterday, which was perhaps the warmest day I have ever experienced in skinny jeans - unpleasant to say the least, but completely worth it. I don't know why I buy all my winter coats on really really warm days (this is the fourth time in one year)
Lame attempt at redecorating/organising/generally sorting my life/room/lifestyle habits out, which means I bought a book, slightly more grown up jewellery and three cactuses (cacti?)
It is a start.



Alice said...

You are stunning. I absolutely love that coat! Going to keep an eye out for that :) Nice jewellery too. I am trying to get into wearing similar chunky classic styles.

Alice x

Victoria Sanusi said...

that coat <3!

Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

Daria said...

I love everything you bought! I want some 'cacti' too ;) xx

Phara said...

Lovely coat!

Katie said...

Wow the coat is gorg!


f said...

i absolutely adore the composition of these photos. you and all the items look gorge! xx

Emmie.. said...

This coat is unreal.
Un-real !
You were at the mink meet up? Me too, I don't think I got to speak to you though, next time for sure!

Emmie :) xxx


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