dress c/o Fashion Union

There's an unholy amount of green in these photos I know, I guess I'm having a late St. Patricks day or something. I'm not normally one for green, in fact I think I don't even own more than 5 green items of clothing. I really love this dress though - anything swingy and chiffony is perfect to me. 
Also I'm going to China next week, for a fortnight! So so so excited, prepared to take about 100000 photos whilst I'm there! 



Nicola Bishop said...

I love Fashion Union, they have some cute items on their website. The dress looks lovely on you :)


Tanja S. said...

I do not own more than 5 green items of clothing too! But it looks so good on you :) And wow, I can't wait to see the pictures from China, have a great time!

B Ruhamania said...

super:)) x

Lauren S said...

you look amazing sonia, i need more green in my life ! the dress and shoes are so lovely
Lauren x
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Charlotte said...

such a perfect outfit! hope you have a fun time in China!

Elizabeth said...

The colour of the dress is really pretty, looks great on you!

Love x
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Maikal Jc said...

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