the end of an absence

Hello blog, it's me, Sonia.

I have returned, with nary a blury iPhone pic or boring free clothes promo in tow - isn't that refreshing?

I lost interest in blogging, magazines, fashion and the like for a long time and thus updating this felt like a chore, which it decidedly should not be. I've felt very uninspired for the past year or two, and I've tried to work out why that was. 

Much head-scratching and soul-searching has narrowed it down to a combination of normcore, weight gain, exams, pyjamas, and contouring, which has left me brain dead, hoodie clad and with crumbs around my mouth.

Writing, along with pretty clothes, is one of my first and greatest loves, and recently that old great love has been rekindled (along with my feelings for clothes somewhat.) And more than ever, I feel a real need to write - to practise anything other than being hungover or twitter stalking, and to create and focus. 

This return to the blog is a little different from my previous returns, as I'm going to use it more for writing now. I'm not really sure what it'll be about, or if anyone will read it, but hopefully it'll be kinda interesting and I'll kinda hone my skills. That's not to say I'm no longer a fashion blogger, having started aged 12 I think I'll always be one, but there's no good in forcing it. 

ps. now seems like a good chance to say thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the readers and brands and delightful people who have said left lovely comments, sent lovely emails and messages, and supplied me with lovely clothes over the years! it melts my icicle heart