how to be a heroine

As my poor eyesight and overdue library book charges can confirm, I read a lot of books. Partially in the hope that they will help my mind expand in the same fashion of Kylie Jenner's lips, rapidly and making me into an 'adult'. And partially because there is nothing like "as soon as I've finished this page/chapter/trilogy" for prolonging procrastination. 

Whilst most of the literature I consume is hardly ground-breaking refined (Agatha Christie and YA romance, anyone?) I'd like to think I know a really good book when I read one.

Which takes us to 'How To Be A Heroine', by Samantha Ellis.

This book.

I don't know how to review books properly, so I'm not going to pretend that this is anything other than a gushing love letter to the book and author.

In a slightly-too-simple nutshell, 'How To Be A Heroine' contains Samantha Ellis' explorations and reflections on the heroines and books that have shaped her life and that she has grown up with, almost all of which are heroines and books that are my favourites too. I can't really think of a good way of summarising it as I'm no good at conciseness, so you're best off just reading it really.

You know when you hear a certain song or whatever for the first time, and a little light flicks on in your brain: it's that weird clich├ęd light of where have you been all my life how is this the first time i've heard of this oh my god oh my god this is amazing crossed with i was unaware i shared a brain with another human being this is all so relevant did it come from my own head oh man you just GET me

That's how I felt for the entirety of this brilliant, personal, insightful, and intelligent piece of work. It made me think and smile and I wish I could have written it myself. As a seventeen year old girl who has based an alarming number of decisions on what I believed my favourite protagonists would do, I feel like I kind of needed this book, and it has been placed firmly into my all time favourites.

Samantha Ellis, thank you for affirming to my uncertain teenage mind that yes, books are cool, and female friendships are the most important, and it's okay to change your mind about things, and suffering is not your becoming, and to do work that you love, and boys with beautiful names and faces will not necessarily save you. To me, you're up there with Franny, Lizzy and the lot.



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Beautiful Sunday to you!
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Sophie Spaldin said...

I love this - I always think the same with the mind expansion thing. Desperately want to read this now! xx


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